Bloggers: Learn How To Make Money with Affiliate Marketing in 5 Days

The Bootcamp runs from

January 17th-21th, 2022

The Quickest (and Easiest) Affiliate Marketing Models to consistently earn money whether you are brand new or have been blogging for years.

Are you earning money with your blog?

Here’s a better question: Are you earning a full-time income with your blog that will allow you to live life on your terms?

Most bloggers want to make money with their blog.

In fact, most want to earn a FULL-TIME income with their blog.

If you’re not there yet, that’s ok, but what’s your plan?

Are you confident you're on the right track?

Or, do you have a strange feeling that you’re doing something wrong or missing a big piece of the puzzle?

These feelings are normal.

In fact, most bloggers feel the same way.

It’s not for a lack of trying either.

Most bloggers work hard.

The’re constantly writing new blog posts, sharing on social media, and coming up with new ideas to make money with their blogs.

But the sad truth is that most of these hard working bloggers are focusing on the wrong things.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Making money as a blogger is surprisingly simple.

It’s a matter of following a proven system that works and putting in the work to see the results.

A Simple, Repeatable, and Logical System

Affiliate Marketing is the absolute best way for most bloggers to generate an income with their blog.

Here’s why it’s perfect for brand new or established bloggers:

• Super-Easy to get started

• No social media following is needed

• No tech knowledge required

• Can be VERY Lucrative

• No ad budget required

• Works for ANY niche

• You can leverage established brands for instant credibility

Many bloggers are making serious money with affiliate marketing and there is no reason why YOU shouldn’t be getting a piece of that pie too.

But first, what is “serious money”?

It could be $500, $1000, $10,000, or even $100,000 per month.

In fact, we’ve generated over $1,000,000 in affiliate commissions in both 2018 and 2019.

The funny thing is that bloggers are out there making this type of money with affiliate marketing and they’re not doing anything outrageous.

They’re using proven models that have worked over and over again.

These models can work in almost any niche, and in reality, they’re not complicated.

That doesn’t mean that it’s easy though!

It requires work.

Most Bloggers Are Doing Affiliate Marketing Wrong

Here’s a “strategy” that we see all the time:

Step 1: Blogger applies and is accepted to the Amazon Associates affiliate program

Step 2: Blogger adds Amazon affiliate links for every product that they mention on their blog

Step 3: Blogger shares blog posts on Social Media

Step 4: Blogger checks Amazon affiliate dashboard continuously for commissions that never show up

Are you following this “strategy”?

If not, maybe THIS is your “strategy”:

Step 1: Blogger signs up for an affiliate network and is accepted

Step 2: Blogger finds a high-paying affiliate program on the affiliate network

Step 3: Blogger shares their affiliate links on social media repeatedly

Step 4: Blogger wonders why affiliate conversions never happen

Any of these sound familiar?

If so, I’ve got some tough love for you.

These “strategies” will never work with any regularity.

Sure, you might hit a big win every now when you get lucky.

But that’s not something you can rely on.

Do you find yourself working hard and creating great content but you just can’t seem to find a way to generate an income from your blog?

It’s because you are not following a proven system...

A system that is working for other bloggers right now.

A system that many bloggers use to generate a full-time income.

A system that can be adapted to any niche.

A system that is proven to work over and over again.

There’s a big problem in the blogging world...

The successful bloggers that are using affiliate marketing don’t normally share what they’re doing because they don’t want the competition.

Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative and they’re afraid of losing huge streams of income.

Our business is about teaching bloggers how to be successful, so it makes sense for us to share.

We know what systems work for bloggers.

We also know how to teach these systems to other bloggers so they can once and for all begin making the income that they deserve for all their hard work.

That’s why we decided to put together the Affiliate Blogger Bootcamp.

We’re going to show you exactly what systems work for bloggers.

This Boot camp is 5 days of FOCUSED instruction that will teach you EXACTLY how to put a proven affiliate marketing model in place for your blog.

What You’ll Learn In the Affiliate Blogger Boot camp:

Day 1 - Everything a blogger needs to know to be successful with affiliate marketing

Day 2 - Deep dive into your niche, the products and services you will be promoting, and your customer

Day 3 - Affiliate Marketing Model #1

Day 4 - Affiliate Marketing Model #2

Day 5 - Steps to increase your earnings after your system is put in place and working

Also included:

Daily assignment with actionable steps to put your system in place

Members-Only Facebook group where we’ll answer your questions directly. This is also a place you to compare notes with other students, and learn new tips!

There are probably 100 different ways that bloggers use affiliate marketing.

We’re teaching you 2.

Why just 2?

Because these models are simple, profitable, and they actually work.

Really, really, well.

There’s no reason to get bog yourself down in complex affiliate marketing strategies that will leave you more confused than when you started.

What we’re teaching you can literally be everything you need to earn a full-time income and beyond from blogging.

Then, if you want to add in other monetization methods down the road, you can always do that.

There is no reason to re-invent the wheel.

We’ll show you exactly what you need to know and leave out the stuff that you can do without.

Successful affiliate marketers focus.

When they focus on the right things, success follows.

We are asking for 1 week of your time (actually only 5 days)

In that time, if you do the work and focus on applying what you learn to your blog, your future can change in a big way.

Focus for one week and your world can change.

We kept the price of this Bootcamp very low so we can help as many of our students as possible.

For $99, you’ll have lifetime access to the material so you can refer back to it whenever you want.

It’s a $99 investment that can produce exponential returns.

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

These are proven business models used by successful bloggers all over the world.

This requires work, great content, and the ability to offer value.

If you think you can do this...

And you’re willing to put in the work.

The Affiliate Blogger Bootcamp can be your answer.

Whether your goal is to bring in a full-time income or make more than a million dollars a year with your blog...

It’s all possible with affiliate marketing.

Join us for Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp for a one time payment of $99 for lifetime access to the material!

You may be thinking: “This sounds great, but I doubt it will work for me”

If you’re saying that, it’s time to take a hard look in the mirror.

Why do you think it’s won’t work for you?

Is it because affiliate marketing hasn’t worked for you in the past?

I’ll bet you weren’t using one of these proven systems that we’re teaching.

It’s unreasonable to assume you’ll have any success without following a proven system.

Or, maybe you’ve just gotten used to things not going so well for you.

If that’s the case, it’s time to wake up!

Why not you?

If you can produce great content and offer real value, it’s entirely possible that you can thrive in affiliate marketing.

Don’t let fear of failure or low self-confidence stand in your way of achieving big things.

This is a simple yet powerful 5-day program designed to get you results quickly.

For $99, it’s a small investment that could pay off big.

What are you waiting for?

Sign up now for Affiliate Blogger Bootcamp before you change your mind and fall back into self doubt again.

It’s time to make things happen!

Do you still have questions?

That’s ok, we’ve answered the most common questions below:

It depends on your niche, how good your content is, what you promote, and the strategy you put in place. There are bloggers that make millions per year with affiliate marketing, but your success depends on you!

Nope, you can access everything at your convenience.

You’ll have access for at least 2 years. You can reference the information whenever you need it.

We decided to offer the Bootcamp at an incredibly reasonable price so that payments wouldn’t be necessary. So the only option is an upfront payment of $99.

No, since it is a 5-Day Bootcamp, the $99 fee is not refundable. Please make sure when you sign up that you are interested in this. If you put the training to work for you, we’re confident that this reasonable fee will be a very worthwhile investment.

Not at all. The goal with this Bootcamp is to teach you 2 easy to follow and proven affiliate marketing models that do not require technical know-how

Some Affiliate Marketing information is covered in Blogging Blastoff 2.0, but due to all the other topics in the course, there is simply not enough time to dedicate 5 days to focus only on Affiliate Marketing. If you’ve taken Blogging Blastoff before, we highly recommend taking this Bootcamp if you want to amplify your success.

Yes! Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to monetize a travel blog.

Nope, not at all! While we simplify the affiliate marketing process for bloggers, we still get deep into the models we are teaching and we're leaving out the stuff that you don't need to worry about. Our goal is to help as many of our blogging students as possible, so we’re counting on a large number of students joining us, instead of charging a higher amount (and having fewer students).

Right now, we are planning to offer it again in 3 months, but there is no guarantee we will offer it then.

Bonus Income Stream: Access To Our Members-Only Affiliate Program

As a student of Affiliate Blogger Bootcamp, you'll get automatic access to our brand new Students-Only affiliate marketing program. We'll pay you a 33% commission for any new students that you refer to ANY of our courses...whether it is $99 or or $1999. All of our courses and programs will be available for you to promote through our new affiliate portal.

Bonus: Members-Only Facebook Group

Members-Only Facebook group where we’ll answer your questions directly during the bootcamp. This is also a place you to compare notes with other students, and learn new tips!

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Give us 5 days of focused effort and your life can change (for the better).

We’ll teach you all the essentials of affiliate marketing and what you need to do to be successful.

Learn these 2 unique affiliate marketing systems proven to work by bloggers all around the world.

Put just one of these systems in place on your blog and then get to work!

Sounds simple, right?

That’s because it is simple when you break it down.

Copy our proven affiliate marketing models and create the type of future you want to live.

Disclaimer: Please don't interpret any of this information on this page as some sort of promise or implication of your future earnings. Our results are not typical. We’ve been blogging for a long time and we have an advantage over most people. Success takes hard work. Nothing comes easy with an online business and there are certainly no guarantees.

Always do your own due-diligence before making any purchases. Never purchase anything that you can’t afford. Nothing in the text or video above should be viewed as a scheme to make money quickly. We’re offering online business advice and training. Starting an online business requires knowledge, skills, and hard work like any other business. Do not assume you will be instantly successful because it takes time and effort.

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